presidentKonishiyasu Co., Ltd. was conceived on February 16, 1828 during the era of Ienari Tokugawa (1773-1841), the 11th-generation Shogun generalissimo of the Edogawa feudal government. This also coincided with the reign of the Emperor Ninko, the 120th Emperor in the Imperial line, who is famous for launching the work to establish "Gakushusho" (later to become the Gakushuin school system attended by members of the Japanese Imperial Family). The business was established by Yasubei Konishi, descendant of Yukinaga Konishi,(famous business talented"Daimyo") in Isecho district of Nihombashi in Edo(present-day Honcho, Tokyo), as "Konishi Yasubei Shoten," a wholesaler of drugs, dyes and other products.
The crest of Yukinaga Konishi (called "Kanekuro" means to be "fist of all things") has been continuing to be used proudly as the Konishiyasu company logo to this day.

Konishiyasu worked to expand sales in Japan of chemicals imported from overseas from the time of the Meiji Restoration in the latter half of the 18th century, and was also active in the creation of chemical plants, paper-making plants, banks and other enterprises. No time or effort was ever spared in the quest to help forward Japan's economic growth and progress.

On November 15, 1921 this wholesale business was reorganized into the incorporated entity YASUBEI,KONISHI & CO.,LTD. The Company subsequently assumed its present name, Konishiyasu Co., Ltd., in 1971.

Over the years, from our founding President to my own role as the eighth-generation top executive, the Company's corporate vision has been committed to mobilizing the rich lineup of market customers, product knowledge and information cultivated for more than 180 years. This know-how ranges from basic chemicals to telecommunications, biotechnology, nano-materials and other specialty fields, with our goal in all cases to excel as the world's No. 1 chemical product specialist trading company. Under the policy and corporate ideology that "Trust is Capital," we have turned our energies to the development of environmentally sound products, constantly moving ahead as a business determined to gain ISO certification and improve the quality of global environmental preservation. Within the Company's highly diversified business strategies, we are now making particularly keen use of our local subsidiaries in Singapore,Malaysia and Shanghai, in placing the focus of operations on the Asia region.

On a related front, I personally do everything in my power to contribute to the progress and expansion of various other industrial fields as well. This includes my capacity as vice president of the Japan Chemical Industry Federation, Director of the Board of the Tokyo Industrial Chemicals Association, vice president of the Kanto Soda Hanbai Dogyokai, President of the Tobu Ryusan Hanbai Dogyokai,  and other posts.

Toshiyuki Konishi



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